Luke's, Al's Restrict Visitors to Keep Swine at Bay


St. Luke's and St. Al's announced jointly this morning that they are tightening up hospital visitor regs, in an effort to keep the swine flu at bay.

Besides the fact that it's nice to see the two singing the same tune on this "epidemic" for once, here's the real message: If you have the flu, do not go to the hospital.

Here's the official rules:

· No sick visitors. If you are ill please stay home.

· No visitors under 14.¬†Only family members or friends who are 14 or older should visit a patient in the hospital or accompany a patient to the emergency department.

· Only two visitors at a time. This applies to visitors to inpatient rooms and to those accompanying someone to the emergency department.

Also, NICU (neonatal intensive care) visitation will be limited to only parents and grandparents of NICU patients, PICU (pediatric intensive care) and pediatric units visitation will be limited to those who are over 18 and immediate family members such as parents (including parents under 18) and grandparents, and Antepartum, Labor and Deliver and Mother Baby Units visitation will be limited to spouses/ labor support person/legal guardians, grandparents and siblings of the new baby only; no other young children.

The hospitals normally implement flu restrictions for visitors in December but are doing it early this year since everyone we know has swine flu.