Doctor Bill on Capitol Hill


In this week's main feature, Project Censored, details the top 25 stories you should have read about in the mainstream media over the last year but didn't.

Story number six is "As economy shrinks, D.C. lobbying grows." The short version: even in a bad economy, D.C. lobbyists still netted a $3.2 billion paycheck from special interests. The special interest that spends the most lobbying Congress is no surprise: the healthcare sector.

That got us thinking, how much has the healthcare sector spent lobbying Idaho's Congressional delegation?

Here are career totals from all four of Idaho's D.C. suits, according to

-Sen. Mike Crapo: $609,442
-Rep. Walt Minnck: $144,164
-Sen. Jim Risch: $94,200
-Rep. Mike Simpson: $385,329