Local Pot Activist Wins $11,000 from National Marijuana Group


Ryan Davidson, Cannibis Crusader
  • Josh Roper
  • Ryan Davidson, Cannibis Crusader
Idaho cannabis campaigner Ryan Davidson has won a lawsuit against the Marijuana Policy Project, hoping to recoup some of the funding he was promised five years ago when he began efforts to legalize in Blaine County.

According to the Idaho Mountain Express, Davidson won $11,000 of the $44,000 he sought from MPP, a national organization that advocates for the legalization of marijuana. Davidson sued the group last year for pulling the bulk of his funding from a 2004 grant after Sun Valley, Hailey and Ketchum cities rejected petitions for citizen initiatives on legalizing pot.

The Express quotes Marijuana Policy Project's attorney, Aaron Thompson, who said Davidson failed to meet milestones in the campaign: "They wanted to get it on the ballot in 2004," Thompson said. "That's what MPP contracted with Mr. Davidson to do. Did he accomplish that? No."

A Blaine County jury disagreed, but only partially. On Sept. 28, Davidson, who lives in Garden City, was awarded the $11,000, a quarter of what he feels he's owed.

According to Davidson: "As of this date, MPP has not yet paid the judgment, and has filed a new motion in an attempt to get the judgment reduced. Davidson continues to fight, with the help of his lawyer, and is confident his jury verdict will be upheld. He is hopeful that this case sends a strong message to MPP who has a long history of poor treatment of their grant applicants."