Rex Rammell Reads the Tabloids


Idaho governor candidate Rex Rammell made the tabloids this week, appearing in a "list" of Pres. Barack Obama's top 25 enemies. But the best part is Rammell sent out the list in an email this afternoon, proving that ... Rex Rammell reads The Globe.

The list, which claims to be a secret White House document, but is probably the result of a fun brain storming session at the Globe offices (published by the folks who bring you The Enquirer), seems pretty comprehensive. Topped by Glenn Beck, who spends all of his air time making stuff up about Obama, and Larry Sinclair, a guy who claims he took drugs and slept with the prez, Rammell appears at No. 16.

His claim to infamy: "GOP contender for Idaho's governorship said he'd buy a license to 'hunt' Obama."

Rammell appears on the list between two country stars: Toby Keith who apparently told Beck that Obama doesn't act black and Hank Williams Jr., who said Obama doesn't really like the National Anthem.

Rammell's reaction: "Although the "Obama tags " comment has been completely blown out of proportion, I am honored to be #16 on his hit list. When I am governor of Idaho, I expect to move to the top of the list. Not because I want to hunt Obama, but because I plan to challenge him and the federal government on their usurpation of Idaho's states' rights. It is my intention to show President Obama the power of the 10th Amendment."