County Spends $70.12 in Guardian Blogger Promo


Ada County utilized about three hours of staff time and 224 MB of its server space to post a video of David Frazier's recent Town Hall Meeting on EMS services, according to a citydesk public information request filed this morning.

Frazier, a local blogger who focuses obsessively on what government should and should not spend money on, called an "emergency meeting" this week to discuss the City of Boise and its fire department's plans to start its own ambulance service. The city and firefighters boycotted the meeting, but County Commissioner Sharon Ullman was there and county communications staff—from the very department Ullman helped eliminate—filmed the meeting and posted it on the county Web site.

Here is a breakdown of the cost to the county, which is $70.12, according to former Ada County Public Information Director Rich Wright, who is still in charge of public information in his new role as director of the Ada County Department of Administration.

County Communications Staff Time for Video Production: 1.5 hrs (includes set-up and taping)
County Communications Staff Time for Video Import to Editing System: .5 hrs
County Communications Staff Time for Web Page Modification: .5 hrs
(Hourly Rate of County Employee Taping the Meeting: $18.36 hr)
SUBTOTAL Communications Staff Time: $45.90

County I.T. Staff Time for Video Compression: .5 hrs = $23.50
County Cost of Web File Storage: $.71
(File size 224mb - 5,000,000kb)
SUBTOTAL I.T. Staff/Costs: $24.22

Total cost to public coffers: $70.12
Total cost of leaving comment below: priceless.