The Craig-Kennedy Doggy Connection


Larry Craig told KBOI's Nate Shelman last night that he and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy bonded over their pooches.

Craig could report on his westies, which flew back and forth to Idaho with him, while Kennedy was often seen on the Hill with his Portuguese water dog named Splash. I wonder if Craig ever had the breed discussion with then-Sen. Barack Obama, who opted for the water dog over the lap dog.

Shelman asked some softball questions about working across the aisle and health care reform and got a strong reaction from Craig when he asked about conservatives being glad Kennedy is gone.

"I am never pleased and always saddened by the death of anyone, young, old, it is simply a loss because they mean a great deal to some one. And I don't think any of us should ever speak of death as a positive experience unless you have a tremendously feeble suffering person who oftentimes may be meeting their maker in a much more pleasurable way by death," Craig said.

(Is that an endorsement of euthanasia, perhaps?)

But seriously: How can you have Larry Craig on your radio show and not ask him what he's doing, who his clients are and where his book is? Craig is not doing that many interviews—I don't know of any live ones that he's done since last year, so if you are going to ask him about health care reform, at least probe his motives a bit.

You can listen to the interview here, courtesy of Shelman at New Talk 670 KBOI.

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