Minnick on the PBS News Hour


News Hour Health Correspondent Betty Ann Bowser followed Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick to the Caldwell Night Rodeo and around Nampa and Caldwell for a report that aired last night on health care reform views. Minnick reiterates his position on reform: “I want every American to have access to comprehensive, affordable health insurance and for those that can’t afford it, I want the government to make it possible financially for them to buy a policy as well.”

And many of the voters PBS speaks with echo that view, including one rodeo guy who rattles off a list of bones he's broken from both legs to his neck.

But one voter, Michael Hoffman, an Idaho film maker and major Minnick supporter took exception to Minnick's health care stance, especially after the film crew caught Minnick failing to recognize Hoffman at the rodeo.

“I think Walt is an intelligent man, I think he’s a good man, I ‘ve been surprised and disappointed by the way he’s been voting, I don’t understand it. And so given that, I’d have a hard time voting for him again,” Hoffman tells the camera.

This interview comes the same week Minnick made headlines for attending a Tea Party sponsored "town hall" meeting on health care reform. Minnick got kudos for facing the hostile audience and criticism for kissing their asses. Then he got it from the other end, just for being a Democrat.

One question: In every other state, congress people organized the town halls and the tea baggers crashed them. Why was Boise's organized by tea baggers and crashed by Minnick?

Extended interview with Minnick: