Minnick to Run Health Care Townhalls, by Phone


Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick is planning to phone-in townhall meetings on health care reform during the August recess. They will be held on Aug. 19 and 31 at 7 p.m.

A live townhall meeting in Post Falls last week went well for Minnick, according to Northwest Public Radio [Listen here].

People here are skeptical about the government getting more involved in health care, but Minnick didn’t get the aggressive lobbying and even heckling that other members of Congress have received.

Minnick is not dodging the public on his position on health care reform with his phone calls, however. He is planning a face to face discussion as well.

"I also hope to announce soon an event organized specifically to bring together representatives from seemingly divergent interests for a serious and substantive discussion to find Idaho's 'common ground' on health care and how it is impacting our economy," Minnick said in a press release. "I want to take back to my colleagues in Washington, D.C., a set of principles to bridge the current divides, a set of principles upon which the vast majority of Idahoans can agree."

To get on one of the calls, contact your closest Minnick office:

Washington DC Office: (202) 225-6611
Meridian Office: (208) 888-3188
Lewiston Office: (208) 743-1388
Coeur d’Alene Office: (208) 667-0127