Property owner who refused to sell to Simplots looking for investors


When the Simplot family briefed Boise's Design Review Committee and other city officials on plans to build Jack's Urban Meeting Place recently, the model of the development showed JUMP as utilizing all the land between Front and Myrtle streets bordered by Ninth Street on the east side and 11th Street on the west.

Well, not all the land. On the southeast corner of JUMP, at the intersection of Ninth and Myrtle is one sliver of property that's not a part of the development. Right now it's home to the Seiniger Law Building, owned by Breck Seiniger, Jr.

In June, Seiniger told citydesk that he wouldn't be selling his property to the Simplot family.

"They made us an offer that we didn't think was reasonable and we made them an offer that they didn't think was reasonable," Seiniger said.

After seeing the models of JUMP at the recent review, Seiniger told citydesk he thought the project was "really neat and unusual," and that gave him an idea.

"I have a unique opportunity because [my property] is zoned for four to five stories. I could put in a building to match the exterior of JUMP with retail on the first floor," said Seiniger. So Seiniger launched a Web site announcing that he's seeking investors for a project of his own.

"Zoned for multi-story commercial, this unique parcel is available for a joint venture that will leverage on a $100,000,000 plus development in the heart of downtown Boise," reads the Web site.

David Cuoio, J.R. Simplot Company spokesman who represents the Simplot heirs on JUMP, offered citydesk this comment on behalf of his clients:
"We were not aware of his plans. We certainly wish him all the best."