New Glimpse of Simplot JUMP project


The Simplot family briefed Boise's Design Review Committee and other city officials this week on plans for Jack's Urban Meeting Place, AKA JUMP, which the family plans to build downtown, west of Bodo. The meeting was an informational work session which was open to the public, though public testimony was not part of the meeting because a formal application has not yet been submitted.

Design Review will be the first step in the approval process.

City staff took the images below of a 40-foot long model of the project. Click the photos for larger images.

Notice the tractors scattered throughout the floors, the copper banding along the exterior, the sidewalk landscaping and sculpture throughout. Also notice the sheer size of the project's circumference, the rooftop gardens and the jumbotron in the central courtyard.

Jack's Urban Meeting Place, looking south from Front

JUMP scale model, looking south from Front Street.

JUMP, looking North from Myrtle

JUMP scale model, looking north from Myrtle Street.

Bird's Eye View of JUMP

JUMP scale model, bird's eye view.