Ada County Opens Late Trash Hauler Bid


When the Ada County Courthouse closed at 5 p.m. on July 20 only one firm had submitted a bid to carry county residents' garbage from their homes to the dump. The proposal was from Allied Waste, the current hauler, which has been without contract, or on an extended contract for almost a year now.

When the three commissioners considered the matter the next day in a public meeting, a day after the deadline, a second bid appeared, from Western Waste Services in Twin Falls.

In January, Commissioner Sharon Ullman asked that the renewal of the contract with Allied be put on hold and she suggested, via her blog, that there might be four other companies interested in bidding and that they should be given a shot at the contract. In early June, the county published a request for proposals from trash haulers. Representatives of four companies, including Allied, showed interest in the bid.

On Tuesday, July 21, Ullman and Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre voted to open the Western Waste Services bid, even though it was late.

"The board voted to at least open the bid," Chairman Fred Tilman told citydesk. "But on the record it was stated that it had come in late and was considered a nonresponsive bid."

Tilman opposed the move to open the late bid. But he said that Allied's bid could also be deemed non-responsive, if the RFP submitted does not meet the standards of the county. The county purchasing department is reviewing both bids and will make recommendations to the commissioners on Aug. 4.

Tilman said he was surprised there was not more interest in the contract. He said that Western Waste explained that it was late because it had difficulty securing a bond for the bid.

No updates yet on the trash hauling contract from Ullman's blog, but since she's thrown her hat in the ring as a gubernatorial candidate she has a lot to say about urban renewal and props for firefighters.