Rally for Universal Healthcare Tomorrow


In the midst of mind-blowing partisan douchebaggery in Washington, D.C., over healthcare reform, there will be a rally for universal health care tomorrow (Saturday) at noon in front of Boise City Hall.

The rally is organized by Idaho Healthcare for All, a group affiliated with the national Physicians for a National Health Program. That's right, a bunch of doctors who WANT socialized medicine. You can watch one of these docs on Colbert below:

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One person who does not support socialized medicine: Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick, who opposes Obama's non-socialist House bill, that is now on hold anyway. Minnick's reformist wishlist:

· First, reforms must be fully funded.
· Second, comprehensive, affordable health insurance must be made available to all Americans.
· Third, no "socialized medicine.” The health care system of insurance must be private — not run by the government.
· Fourth, insurance companies must be required to make insurance available to everyone regardless of age, employment status or preconditions.
· And fifth, reforms must reduce costs, not just expand coverage.

Don't look for Minnick at the rally Saturday. But Boise Rep. Sue Chew, Boise State Prof. Martin Orr, Dr. Lou Schlickman and nurse Michael Vallez will share their viewpoint on healthcare.