Boise Cops Ticket Two More Hurt Cyclists


Boise Police continue to cite bikers who are injured by cars, part of a stepped up enforcement of bike laws in the wake of three cyclist deaths this summer.

This morning, two cyclists were cited after run-ins with vehicles.

According to police communications director Lynn Hightower, a pickup truck hit a 62-year-old man on a bicycle as he crossed Main Street near 27th St. just before 8 a.m. Hightower describes the incident this way: "Vehicle, a pick up truck was headed westbound on Main. Witnesses say a cyclist rode out of a parking lot and proceeded to ride across approx 3 lanes of traffic, until the pick up truck hit him."

The cyclist was cited for "failure to exercise due caution when entering a roadway," and a $46.50 fine.

Then, a half hour later at Orchard and Clark streets, police allege that a cyclist in his early 20's ran a red light at a high rate of speed and struck a Ford Mustang in the intersection. His bike was damaged beyond repair. He was cited for a red light violation, also a $46.50 fine.

Injuries to both cyclists were described as scrapes. Neither wore a helmet.

Yesterday, the Statesman had a story about another man who broke his neck after crashing with a car. In that case, according to the Statesman, the driver was cited for not paying attention.