Langhorst Named to Tax Commission


Word from the Guv's office this afternoon is that David Langhorst has been named to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Langhorst, who has served in both houses of the state Legislature, made an unsuccessful run for Ada County commissioner last year against incumbent Rick Yzaguirre. Langhorst, who's a Democrat, replaces Colleen Grant and joins the bipartisan commission with Democrat Tom Katsilometes, and Republicans Royce Chigbrow, who serves as chairman, and Sam Haws, who serves as vice chairman.

Typically, news of tax commissioners is the kind of stuff that's about as interesting to the public at large as say ... well, anything to do with taxes. That is, it's a yawn maker. The Langhorst appointment is pretty noteworthy stuff, however, given that the the commission is still trying to shake off last year's scandal, in which the commission was accused of favoring big business with excessive tax breaks.

During his time in the Legislature, Langhorst cultivated a reputation for playing well on both sides of the partisan fence. Of his new job, Langhorst says he's looking forward to working with the commissioners "to achieve and maintain a fair, predictable and stable tax system for the people of Idaho.”

Here at citydesk, we'd be willing to bet whistle blower Stan Howland has a few pointers for Langhorst on how that can happen.