Is it Cool when the Guv Tweets your Shit?


Is the First Lady holding a sprig of near-endangered Slickspot Peppergrass, or what?

As @ButchOtter, the Twitter personality of Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter, gets used to microblogging, citydesk raises an interesting question: Is it cool if the Guv sends out a link to your story?

Otter just sent this out over Twitter:

In case you missed it, here’s what the Post Register said about our State government’s responsible fiscal management:

Thankfully he linked to the state Web site's .pdf of the Post-Register editorial. Thankfully, because the Post-Register is behind a firewall.

In the story, reporter-turned-opinion writer Corey Taule gives props to Idaho's balanced budget, a Constitutional requirement that many other states have not met. But he also points out that "balanced" is a relative term.

"It took a contentious 117 days, but Idaho balanced its budget. Public schools took a hit. College tuition is going up. Unemployment is on the rise. And services for the needy have been slashed," Taule writes.

Earlier, @ButchOtter pumped the Times-News story about his recent desert trail ride. As to whether he was Twittering atop Snuff, it is not clear.

In case you missed it, here’s a good Times-News story on my land management trail ride along the Idaho-Nevada border:

Note Otter links to his own site rather than the original. The story does not really raise any questions about comments from a rancher that slickspot peppergrass is a "bohemian" species that fell off a wagon along the Oregon Trail ... or that Otter's horsie is named Snuff.

Then you have Sen. @SenatorCameron, a prolific Twitterererer, pontificating on his own balanced budget, speaking to a rotary club and picking up his grandkids.

40 states ended their fiscal year June 30th. Only 10 were balanced. Idaho is one of those 10!

No link needed, as he is the head of the budget committee and an expert in these matters.

And then Idaho Public TV on Cameron, as his Tweet is a statement from a newsworthy figure, I suppose.

RT @SenatorCameron: 40 states ended their fiscal year June 30th. Only 10 were balanced. Idaho is one of those 10!

Which begs the question: When I put this post up on Twitter, where does the Twircle Jerk end?