Obama Tried Trading Appointments for Cap Trade Vote


Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick told the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce yesterday that he got a lot of attention in the lead up to last Friday's vote on Cap and Trade.

"I made the mistake of saying I was undecided ... and it must have been because I was lonely."

Thanks to Dan Popkey at the Idaho Statesman for taping that clip... thanks Dan! Minnick said that two people from the White House came down and told him they'd have a much easier time announcing his appointments for two federal positions if he'd back Cap and Trade. (Does that get caps now?)

Ironically, or not, two long-overdue appointments were announced on Tuesday, just a few days after Minnick's latest vote against the administration. As commenter Sysiphus says, "politics the old fashioned way."

Or is it?