City Convenes Bike Safety Project Team


5136/1246293043-bike_report.jpgThe City of Boise has put together a "Coordinated Community Response" for bike safety in order to address the three cyclist deaths that have occurred this summer. The team includes people from police, prosecutors, the Ada County Highway District, and an unnamed (or yet-to-be-named) rep from the Idaho Transportation Department. The City Council reviewed a draft report last week and is expected to suggest any revisions by Wednesday.

The report states as its purpose:

After three bicyclist fatalities in less than a month, an unusual and tragic circumstance for all Boiseans, Mayor Bieter has called together local agencies and community table partners to address this important public safety issue. The Mayor is directing agency leaders to find ways to further educate drivers and cyclists about bicycle safety, and to develop supporting strategies to address this serious problem.

The Mayor has directed a team of city leaders and staff, including Boise’s county and state highway partners, to immediately review current efforts to promote roadway safety and to make recommendations on improving safety for cyclists in the immediate and longer-term future. Because the problem, by its very nature, involves the interaction between cyclists and motorists, any solutions must address both sides of that interaction in a balanced manner.

The group will examine the League of American Bicyclists Six E's: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Encouragement and Equality (between cars and bikes). It will also put together an evaluation process.

The team will report back to Mayor Dave Bieter by August 24, quick by government standards. Mike Zuzel, who represents the Mayor's Office on the team, said there will be a large component of public outreach and comment in late July and August.