Human BBQ in Downtown Boise


Hot Vegetarian Babes to be Lathered up and Spit Roasted on Main Street.
PETA goes Cannibal in Boise.
The Sun is Coming up I Got Human Steaks on the Griddle.


The headline possibilities are endless, and the people at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are back, this time with a message about barbecuing, just in time for the Fourth of July. They will faux-grill a live human being at high noon on Friday, June 26 at the northeast corner of Eighth and Main streets. They did it yesterday in Reno.

"Flesh is flesh, and animals feel pain and suffer just as humans do," said PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt in an press release about the event. "What revolts people about the idea of eating humans should also revolt them when it comes to the idea of eating other animals."

Don't animals eat animals, though, and in their great sentience wish they had barbecue sauce and the knowledge of fire?