Obama hawks DTV


a4f7/1244157634-old_tv.jpgThe digital television transition is imminent, again. After the Feb. 17 reprieve, grandma has had almost four months to get a new television or a converter box hooked up.

Now Jun. 12 is the new deadline. That's next week, and there won't be another delay:

In the months since then, we have worked hand in hand with state and local officials, broadcasters, and community groups to educate and assist millions of Americans with the transition. The number of households unprepared for digital television has been cut in half. Still, some people are not ready. I want to be clear: there will not be another delay. I urge everyone who is not yet prepared to act today, so you don’t lose important news and emergency information on June 12. And I encourage all Americans who are prepared, to talk to their friends, family, and neighbors to make sure they get ready before it’s too late. —President Barack Obama

According to a recent FCC press release, in Boise, "Nielsen estimates that about 69,210 households (or 26.4% of that media market) rely entirely on over-the-air broadcasts."

f750/1244158792-16580285.jpgAmazingly, there are still converter box coupons available, until July 31. Just call 1-888-CALL-FCC. Call now and get this cool set of brain fade goggles to beam digital quality advertising right into your brain. —Nathaniel Hoffman (goggles may not be available in your area)

In Boise, according to the FCC, 184,666 people have ordered coupons for their converter boxes, and only 105,473 had been redeemed as of May 30.

We wrote about the last deadline for DTV. Idaho Public Television is still in the same boat, with some areas of the state not prepared to offer digital signals.

As Megan Tady, of Free Press, told BW's Gavin Dahl:

"What a lot of people don't realize is that the DTV transition is actually a massive spectrum giveaway. Only licensed broadcasters are being given the new channels, meaning local communities, churches and non-profit groups are being left out. Local, independent and minority voices will still be stifled."

We got our box a few months ago. We still don't watch TV. So let them have their digitals... the next fight will be to keep the internet free.