Seeking coffee hookup at State of the City


I am sitting at the press box at the way back of the Boise Center waiting for Mayor Dave to finish his breakfast and deliver his State of the City address.

And I have not had any coffee yet. Boise State Radio's Don Wimberly snagged a little cup off a table, but I got caught trying to scam some joe. If anyone is checking their PDA in here, we need some coffee in the press booth.

The mayor's advance press release indicates he is going to announce The Green House, a green business incubator in an old city-owned building at 5th and Idaho.

I'm pleased to announce this morning a plan we're calling The Green House: an incubator for local, alternative energy startups. Having seen the success of Mark River's WaterCooler buinsess incubator, in which the City of Boise was an investor, I'm going to propose that we use a City-owned building at Fifth and Idaho Streets to help a green-energy economy germinate and and grow right here in Boise.

We wrote about another local green business this week... you can read it while you wait for the big speech.

Bieter also plans to talk about a stimulus project to install 725 LED streetlights in Boise. Alloway Electric and Inovus, which builds the lights and is based in Boise, have already submitted a low bid for the project. Boise's old streetlights will be retrofitted with the new technology.

Bieter will brag on Boise's job churn, an indication of a spirited, innovating economy. Then he is going to hand out keys to the City to the folks who put together the Special Olympics.

That's just a preview... Ballet Idaho is doing a Patsy Kline Sweet Dreams routine, Ballet for breakfast. Uh, coffee.