Obama, Elmore, on nuclear power


Yesterday, President Barack Obama made a major speech on America's energy future from the floor of a former Maytag plant in Iowa that is now a windmill factory.

In the speech, Obama made only two, brief, mentions of nuclear power. He dropped the name of Enrico Fermi, the man who helped build the first nuclear reactor, and he said this:
"We also need to find safer ways to use nuclear power and store nuclear waste."
The rest of the speech focused on harnessing wind at sea, ramping up domestic oil exploration and creating millions of "clean energy" jobs, not least of which will be in energy efficiency retrofits.
"The choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy – it’s a choice between prosperity and decline. We can remain the world’s leading importer of oil, or we can become the world’s leading exporter of clean energy. We can allow climate change to wreak unnatural havoc, or we can create jobs working to prevent its worst effects."
That evening--Earth Day, it was--in Mountain Home, some 200 people gathered to state their minds on a nuclear power plant proposed for their commmunity. The so-called Idaho Energy Complex would be located in rural Elmore County, some 60 miles from Boise. Though the three county commissioners are just now considering whether the land where the plant is proposed should convert to an industrial use or remain farm ground, it was clear to everyone in the room that lines were being drawn around the sensibility of pursuing nuclear power.

You can read more about the hearing now at boiseweekly.com