Sovereignty, militias advance to Senate


Two bills mentioned this week over at Unda' the Rotunda passed out of the Senate State Affairs Committee this morning; one declaring Idaho's sovereignty from the U.S. government and the other fixing a portion of Idaho code that deals with martial law to prevent the governor or local officials from taking away our guns and ammo.

We were a bit late and missed the debate on the first bill, though feelings in the committee were reportedly not unanimous. We did arrive in time to catch Sen. Kate Kelly's observation that the senators vote first for the feds to leave us alone and then for the feds to earmark us over some cash to set up a medical school.

Then Rep. Nielsen, Pete rose to argue on behalf of his gun rights bill. Sen. Denton Darrington (Declo) wanted to know if explosives were included, as in, do we get to keep our explosives during a state of emergency.

"I've never handled a stick of dynamite," Nielsen responded, adding that as a kid he used get a bang out of tossing .22 shells into the fire (note to the school group that attended the Senate State Affairs meeting this morning: don't try this at home).