Idaho Obamanomics


This week's Unda' the Rotunda features a brief examination of President Obama's still developing economic philosophy. We recommend David Leonhardt's detailed and insightful review of Obama's economic analysis during his campaign.

We also knock the Wikipedia around a bit in the column. Many journalists have been taught to fear Wikipedia... our policy at citydesk is that Wikipedia is a tip sheet like any other, in the same way that any old chump can call the BW or drop in on us unannounced and hand us a stack of information. Our job from there is to check it out, and Wikipedia provides plenty of handy links to primary materials.

For instance, we had no idea that Rep. Bedke had spent time in Italy. We'll have to ask him about that next time we see him, before we report it as fact. Oops.

Perhaps someone will add information on Bedke's economic philosophy gleaned from this week's Unda' the Rotunda to Bedke's nacsent Wiki page...