Facebook Idaho wants bike lanes


This just in: A new facebook group is calling for bike lanes to be part of Idaho's stimulus plan.

In 24 hours since the governor's budget dude, Wayne Hammon, dissed bike lanes, 133 people have signed on. Alas, it does not appear that Uncle Butch has a Facebook page, and he's where the buck stops on stimulus.

Yesterday we chatted briefly with Idaho Transportation Department Chief Pam Lowe about the stimulus money she will divvy up and Lowe said that $18 million of it will go toward the department's Public Transportation Division.

About half of that was mandated for public transportation in the stimulus bill, but the Idaho Transportation Board also directed some $9 million to bus shelters and replacement of busses across the state.

That's not saying much about bike lanes, but we did overhear Hammon in the Annex halls telling Suzanne Craig (yes, that Craig)  that he's glad Lucky 13 had moved out of the North End. Hammon later told us the same story and asked us not to report it, but since we heard it twice and since it's funny as hell, we're breaking our non-promise.

Hey Hammon, there's a bike lane all the way out to your favorite pizza join in District 19. Use it.