Where all the shrinks are average


Another report out yesterday (lateblogging again) ranks Idaho just about average for provision of mental health services.

But that's not saying much. The United States as a whole gets a D for our mental health "system" and Idaho also gets a D, up from F a few years ago. But as the National Alliance on Mental Illness points out, state budget cuts here and across the nation threaten to make mental health services even more difficult to access, and in these crazy times, more and more people are seeking help.

The NAMI report praises Idaho's criminal justice community for embracing mental health courts and approves of community collaboration grants, which are currently on the cutting room floor at the Legislature. Idaho still needs work with long term planning, more in-patient beds (an in-patient facility in Boise just closed) and more training.

Idaho contracted a special report last year to examine how the Department of Health and Welfare handles mental health services. You can read it here, or, if you can wait until next Wednesday, you can read a full examination of one segment of mental health services here by a brand new, clean shaven Boise Weekly freelancer.