Tomorrow's BW contains a story about a pitched battle between a pair of liberal Idaho bloggers and a right wing radio shock jock in Burley.

Mathias Morache wrote the story (Noah Kroese sent the illustration to the right). As sometimes happens, Morache became part of the story when Zeb Bell mentioned his interview with our writer on his radio show. Zeb at the Ranch airs in the Burley area, reaching into Twin Falls, and streams online:
"I had the option of not doing an interview with him, that was my option and I thought, you know what, I am never gonna to run away, I am never gonna to stick my tail between my legs and not answer anybody’s questions on this because I don’t want to be ever like the low-life vermin of these bloggers that have no courage and no conviction to stand up for what they say by putting their names or attributing to themselves anything to do with those blogs. They are cowards of the keyboard."
That's just a little preview of the story to come... check the News section at at midnight tonight, if you just can't wait, and listen here:

But in the time it took us to report, write, edit and format the story in our weekly print news magazine, an entire new storyline has opened up in the MountainGoat/Political Game vs. Zeb war. Those quick bloggers and radio people... damn.

Bell had Rep. Bert Stevenson (R-Rupert) on his show recently and got him talking about homosexuality (one of Zeb's favorite topics, apparently). Stevenson got Biblical on his ass:
“Well, Zeb because that’s the thing that’s happening all over this nation is we’re trying to redefine the purpose of man being here on the earth…If those people want that kind of lifestyle we will do away with the human race. That’s what it was intended to do. Zeb I appreciate your position on this.”
The interview has sparked demands for Stevenson's resignation, an article in the Times-News and, need we say, a slew of blog entries.

So read Mathias' piece and get some ink on your fingers tomorrow. I leave you with the patriot himself... do not take a sip of milk for 60 seconds...

Rousing intro to Zeb at the ranch... mooing may be cut off...