Statesman on Atkins (diet)


citydesk bumped into an Idaho Statesman reporter last week who pointed out that BW had not been picking on the daily as much of late. We agreed it had been a few months, and offered that we had more important things to do.

But then, a few days later, the Statesman arrived on our tiled stoop a few inches shorter and thinner, complete with an explanatory pamphlet.

"Busy readers will find even more to like in the new Statesman," the top of the fold bragged.

In newspaper land, that is code for, "we're dumbing it down because we can't afford as much ink anymore."

The Statesman confirms as much in an inside (inside the sports section, that is) business story sidebar: "The paper is 1 inch narrower and about 2 inches shorter, matching the emerging industry standard. It's the same size as USA Today and the Wall Street Journal."

So the Statesman aims to give us the cursory insights of the USA Today, without the fact checking; as you can see the Boise's paper is not the same size (height, width nor girth) of Wall Street's.

The Statesman has begun printing its paper in the back room of the Idaho Press Tribune, as we reported back in June. The Boise Weekly has been printing there for years... BW publisher Sally Freeman visited the presses yesterday to make sure everything was running smoothly and shot this video below. Press Trib Publisher Rick Weaver is giving the tour (if you have dramamine on hand you may want to pop one, Sally is testing out a new newsroom video camera, and she's so excited...):