Franti's fingers still stiff


We just caught Michael Franti's blog post on his shows in Idaho to benefit the Special Olympics. Franti played benefit shows in Boise and in Sun Valley.

We saw him at the Knitting Factory and shot this cell phone picture (yes, citydesk will join the hoards snapping cellie pics at shows, but we refuse to bounce when the performer tells us too, if that makes up for it). 

This is what we wrote (briefly) of the show: Boise became an unexpected international village this week. It was not just Michael Franti who noticed during his packed Monday night benefit concert at the Knitting Factory: "I don't need a passport to walk on this Earth / anywhere I go 'cuz I was made of this Earth / I was born of this Earth / I breathe of this Earth and even with the pain I believe in this Earth." Franti did an upbeat version of his "Everyone Deserves Music" for the Olympians in town and, like many artists who grace our stages, expressed some genuine appreciation for the reggae-funk-starved Boise crowd. 

Franti writes:
It was a huge honor and fantastic fun to play at the 2009 Special Olympic Winter Games in Sun Valley, Idaho. I want to give a big shout out to all the athletes; organizers and volunteers who have continued this journey dedicated to making all people feel special and included. It was a huge community effort and I was particularly moved by receiving a hand knitted blue and white scarf (the Special Olympic colors) from a fan at the show in Boise. Organizers of the event had called to the people of Idaho to make 5000 scarves for the athletes and their families by the time the opening ceremonies began they had received 55,000!!!

When I put it on the next morning I felt the stitching with my fingertips and thought wow someone stayed up late in the night, like my mother did when I was a kid, stitching this scarf for a complete stranger and now those hours are wrapped around my neck (and voice) keeping me warm.
Franti goes on to say his thumb is still numb from playing the outdoor pavilion at Sun Valley and talks about his visit with the athletes.