Commissioner is catching on


Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman noticed our efforts to report on county business on her new blog, which is called:


In the post, Ullman's seventh blog entry since taking office, she alludes to the media catching on. citydesk is not sure what we're catching on to besides her continued efforts to evade questions. Here's the part on her evasion of BW watchdog Lora Volkert:
I’d like to commend Boise Weekly reporter Lora Volkert for attending several of our meetings this morning. She requested I answer questions for her, either in person or in writing; however, I refer her back to my first blog post [here] with regard to my media policy. Direct communication with the public, rather than through interpretation of a reporter, will provide you the best opportunity to get the real story of what is going on in Ada County government.
Have any readers out there tried to contact Ullman "directly"? If so, did she answer your questions?