Gov's healthcare recommendations


citydesk has obtained a copy of Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter's Select Committee on Health Care report, referenced in his State of the State speech. The document forms the basis of this week's Unda' the Rotunda, which hits stands in the morning. 

The report, viewable below, contains a very useful overview of the state's healthcare system and meager efforts at expanding coverage in recent years. The recommendations, as we tactfully note in Unda', are either unfunded or uninspired.

The only option that has been implemented so far (ok, the governor has only had the report for a few months) is called Healthy Idaho, and for those of you not willing or able to take the challenge issued in our column, this is what it amounts to: mere government sponsored PR.

Our thesis: put the report on the shelf (or send it to Crapo and Risch and them) and work toward a national healthcare system.