citydesk digging on New York Times this morning


We've been thinking about ways to make more useful and beautiful of late. 

Though we've been reading news online almost exclusively for at least two years now, and have experimented with our own forms of news presentation online, we must say the New York Times is doing amazing things in this area.

Three links from this morning.

First of all, here at citydesk we use tags, labels, keywords, whatever you want to call them. Most news Web sites use them, but we are not super savvy about tagging, nor about the use of tags.

The New York Times used keywords from some 200 years of inaugural speeches to show recurring themes and some of the standout phrases from Obama's speech. You can click the keywords for each president to see them in context. This is a very useful and informative interactive graphic/indexing exercise. We are jealous.

From there you can click through to the Times actual presentation of the speech, which is video accompanied by the text scrolling in time with Obama's cadences. This is helpful for digesting the speech in multiple ways; we really like the experience of reading along. It also allows you to scroll back and forth in the video based on the text.

Finally, did you catch the photo on the front page of the We're not sure how long it will be up, but it is a zoomable and scrollable photo that is very nicely presented. Check it out now and if anyone can find a permalink for the photo leave it in the comments.