Sounds of the inauguration


Boise State Radio's George Prentice just sent us these audio postcards from Washington, D.C. where he is covering Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

Postcard 1. Washington, D.C., the city that never sleeps.

Postcard 2. Idahoans in the nation's capital.

Prentice is the host of Morning Edition on Boise State Radio, which has a full day of inauguration coverage planned. citydesk asked him to send back a few postcards from Washington, and Prentice delivered his classic radio vocal chords on mp3 to us via e-mail just a minute ago.

Getting ever high-tech, we also found away to stream inauguration footage on this Web site, so if you are hiding out in your cubicle tomorrow morning, tune in here.

We also think this inauguration widget from NPR is pretty cool: