Idaho Main Street Alliance releases report


The Idaho Main Street Alliance is meeting at this hour at it's favorite location: Goody's in Hyde Park.

citydesk is not able to get over to the meeting, but the group's survey of 133 small businesses indicate a preference for an expanded public health insurance option.

Businesses participating in the survey responded overwhelmingly that they'd like to see more public oversight of insurance companies.

You can read the full report here, and find our more about the group at it's new Web site

From the report:
Monica Bremmer at Tango's (citydesk's favorite Boise empanada shop) says "I don’t have any health insurance – I can’t afford it. I looked into it and found out it would cost me almost $1,000 a month for a family plan. This is a big worry for me. Who knows what could happen?
Any bad illness or health emergency could cause us to lose our business. I know people who have lost everything this way. It’s a very sad situation in this country that we have this health insurance crisis hanging over us. I would like to see more control over the rates, and a system where people pay on a sliding scale. Without this, my business and all small businesses will continue to be left vulnerable, one illness or emergency away from the edge.