Otter scrimps on fuel tax after speech


Following his State of the State speech--in which Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter called for an increase in gas taxes, and a host of other new fees and proposals to fill potholes and fix roads--citydesk caught the Guv and First Lady Lori Otter strolling by the Boise River. On the Greenbelt.

Chief of Staff Jason Kreizenbeck and Sgt. Ross Kirtley, Otter's trusty security man, accompanied the First Couple on their walk back to thier black SUV.

citydesk commented to the Guv that the Greenbelt could use some pothole patching of its own, to which the governor replied: "That's because the people that use this greenbelt don't pay their fuel taxes."

He was joshing, of course. And the Greenbelt is maintained by the City of Boise and Ada County, though it does receive some state and federal grants.

At the state's request, we make no comment on the First Lady's footwear (though good on her for keeping it sensible). We only offer this warning: The geese rule the Greenbelt this time of year.