Idaho's new lovey-dovey delegation


Reps. Mike Simpson and Walt Minnick yuk it up.
Photo courtesy of Dixon R. Minnick.

Letter from Idaho's lovey-dovey new Congressional delegation, hoping all Idahoans make it through the tough winter ahead:

January 9, 2009

Dear Editor:
On January 6th, three of us took our public oath to serve the people of Idaho in the United States Congress--two for the first time and one for the 6th time--and the fourth moved into a new role as senior Senator. Together, we look forward to working to uphold the values of all Idahoans and promoting what is good for our families, communities and state.

2009 begins in a challenging time for our state and nation. Whether it is personal or business financial uncertainty, a loved one serving our nation overseas, health care or housing concerns, or just getting through what is proving to be a second hard winter, Idahoans have concerns about what the future will hold. While it is indeed true that there are challenges ahead in 2009, there are also tremendous opportunities to make positive gains.

You can count on your Idaho Congressional delegation to work hard, together and with Governor Otter for the good of Idaho and Idahoans. We are united in this commitment and plan to take every opportunity we can to accomplish goals that reflect Idaho's heritage of individualism, hard work and commitment to family and our unparalleled natural resources. We appreciate the opportunity to serve in public office, and pledge to work collaboratively and uphold the dignity and respect of our offices.


The Idaho Congressional Delegation:
Senator Mike Crapo
Senator Jim Risch
Congressman Mike Simpson
Congressman Walt Minnick