Healthcare Meetup "experts" named


To get the Barack, please, It Hurts: BW Healthcare Meetup out of the gates Sunday morning, the Boise Weekly has arranged a trio of health care reformers to lead off the (re)forum.

Invite is here, in case you are just tuning in now.

We will begin shortly after 10 a.m. with comments from retiring Idaho Rep. Margaret Henbest, a nurse practitioner and six-term legislator who has been active on the health and welfare and budget committees. Next we will hear from Dr. Bob Vestal, a medical researcher and educator who is active with the Idaho affiliate of Physicians for National Health Program. (Check out their talking points for Obama here.)

And then we will chat with Michaile Metro, owner of the Boise hair salon Metropolis. Metro has stepped up her personal struggle to find coverage, campaigning for more transparency from insurance companies and organizing small business owners into a potential insurer pool. Metro is part of a newly formed group called the Idaho Main Street Alliance, affiliated with Health Care for American Now 

After these brief intros, it is time for you to weigh in... if you can't make the show (10 a.m., Sunday morning at the Egyptian) leave comments or questions below and we will try to get to them. And check back later on Sunday for coverage of the forum.