Fulcher challenges Stegner


Sen. Russ Fulcher, of Meridian, took a brief stab at becoming Senate assistant majority leader Wednesday during Republican leadership elections at the Annex, but Lewiston Sen. Joe Stegner retained the position.

Not that we saw these proceedings or anything, as leadership elections take place within the GOP caucus meetings, which in one of the perennial First Amendment battles of the Idaho Legislature, are closed. (We're not sure if the Democratic leadership elections were open or closed, but their caucus meetings have been open to the public; at least the Democrats sent out a press release with the results of their elections). 

But Senate majority leader Bart Davis said that Fulcher took a "dignified" and "classy" approach to challenging Stegner. And Davis said that Fulcher still got some fine committee assignments, despite his stepping to Stegner. (No, Davis did not use the word "step".)

"We don't have an attitude of retribution in the Senate," Davis told citydesk.

Davis retained his position as did Senate speaker pro tempore Bob Geddes and majority caucus chair Brad Little.

Also in the Senate chamber today: Lt. Gov. cum Sen. Jim Risch, who told citydesk he is not really moving to Washington, D.C.

"We come home every weekend, you know," Risch said. The Risch's have rented an apartment in the Nation's Capitol, however.

The House Republican leaders also remain unchanged, and, according to another source, went unchallenged, though there is speculation about retirements or some other shakeup to the House leadership in two years' time.

House speaker Lawerence Denney, majority leader Mike Moyle, assistant majority leader Scott Bedke and caucus chairman Ken Roberts will still run the show.

One question is still hanging out there: Who will the governor tap for Risch's office?