Dems elect new House leader


After a decade of leading Idaho House Democrats, Rep. Wendy Jaquet relinquished her position to Lewiston physician Rep. John Rusche on Wednesday night.

Reached by phone late Wendesday, Jaquet told citydesk that she was very pleased and that she would be taking a seat on the Join Finance-Appropriations Committee, which holds court every morning of the Legislative session, pouring over the minute details of the state budget.

Backing up Rusche as assistant minority leader will be Pocatello Rep. James Ruchti, whose name sounds quite different than Rusche's when pronounced, though both are frequently butchered by the linguists with microphones that rule the Annex. Boise Rep. Bill Killen will serve as Democratic caucus chair, rounding out the minority leadership team.

On the Senate side, Sen. Clint Stennett remains minority leader, with Sen. Kate Kelly and Sen. Elliot Werk i nthe number two and three positions.

No changes were expected in the Republican leadership teams, but citydesk is enroute to the Annex to find out what happened. Yes, we broke out the sport coat today, though we can't find out brown name tag.

You can watch today's organizational session live on IPTV:

The streaming is much improved over last year, by the way, and even works on the citydesk G4 now!