The Greatest Memos Department


Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter announced this morning another holdback in the current year state budget, bringing the total cuts to 4 percent spread across every state agency, or $130,767,700, including some cuts beyond 4 percent in a few agencies.

In preparing our report on the latest holdbacks, citydesk came across the memo of the week in which Otter budget chief Wayne Hammon tells Otter budget chief Wayne Hammon how he intends to make the cut.

Though barely visible in the pdf above, Hammon pledges to "eliminate hardcopy printing of budget publications, performance reports and economic publications..." among other things. Perhaps Hammon would consider preparing searchable pdf files of the above and posting them on his Web site, rather than the 130 MB image file provided to citydesk on CD containing agency plans for the cuts.

Hammon also proposes eliminating 85 percent of staff travel and terminating some subscriptions and association memberships, a route proposed by several other agencies. In September agency heads prepared 1, 2, and 2.5 percent reduction plans. This week they are working on 4 and 6 percent cuts and will report their ideas to the governor.

Another gem in the September stack (which we just got around to requesting): Department of Administration director and Otter pal Mike Gwartney, a public servant who works for no pay, is taking care of his agency's 2.5 percent savings in one fell swoop: Gwartney's potential $100,000 salary will cover it, thank you very much.