This week in BW


This week's news section continues our itinerant series on the economy.

That's right, we are in the midst of a series on the economy that is so deep we decided there was no reason to let folks know it's a series. It started on Nov. 12 with Tim Andreae's story about farm economist/visionary Ben Gisin.

This week I follow up with a story that I thought would run weeks ago but proved somewhat frustrating to nail down. If you've been paying any attention to the news lately you've seen countless stories about the high unemployment rate. I was not satisfied with the explanations given for growing unemployment, so I set out to find some more specific answers, but met with nearly unanimous agreement that a bad "business cycle" which is a result of the mortgage crisis was to blame. I still think that's a short-sighted view, but am not sure if I got that many new answers. You can decide.

Watch for more unpredictable business reporting in future issues.

We are also trying to watch what happens with the large number of planned communities, uh, planned, for the Boise Valley. Which, by the way, is one of those euphemisms that prove tricky for journalists. If anyone can come up with a more accurate and fair description of planned communities for Ada County, by all means leave a comment below. ("Treasure Valley" is another one of those euphemisms that I can't always just write around!)

In the arts section, Tara Morgan reviews Lauren Weedman's one woman coming-of-middle-age show No ... You Shutup:
Weedman's new comedy is a gut-clutchingly frank, partially autobiographical journey that winds through a gynecologist's office, a gay gym and a funeral parlour in the eight days before Mother's Day, as Weedman comes to terms with those two, ofeten inseperable F-words: Failure and family.
And Deanna Darr forecasts an inconclusive winter season: "If [the forecast] is good, we brag on it. If it's bad, we don't pay attention to it," says Bogus Basin spokesperson Gretchen Anderson.