Register your ride with the man


It's not a ring, but Boise Police suspect that a few thieves are out there stealing expensive bikes and then pawning them.

210 bikes have been reported stolen to BPD since August, more than twice as many as in the same period last year. And the figures do not include the many bikes that are stolen and never reported.

Boise cops arrested a man Tuesday they suspect attempted to pawn a bicycle that had been reported stolen from the Boise State campus library. The same man, Carl Alexander, 46, is charged with pawning another bike stolen last week from the Downtown YMCA that is valued at $1,400. Police do not believe Alexander stole the bikes, but suspect he is connected to the thieves.

The number of high-priced two-wheel rides being stolen in Boise has caught the attention of BPD, causing the department to stick Det. Jeff Dustin on the bike beat.

“Some of the bike thefts do appear to be several individuals committing the crime repeatedly,” said BPD spokeswoman Lynn Hightower. “There’s a lot of people in boise who invest a lot of money in their bike”

The number of bike thefts reported on the Boise State campus has doubled to 30 since the same Aug. 1 to Nov. 10 period last year, Hightower said.

Boise police remind cyclists to lock up and to register their bike's serial number (or bikes' serial numbers) with the cop shop. Register your ride with the man here.