Tools for your election watching pleasure


We just took a drive around the Web to see what folks is saying ... It's 12:37 in the Mountain States, polls in parts of Indiana and Kentucky are closing in just two hours time.
  • Long waits, heavy turnout, blah, blah [NYT, BW BeatVOA, Chad].
  • Chris Cizziillzziillaa at the Washington Post's The Fix blog has a wonkish list of congressional districts to watch tonight, ordered by approximate time. Politico's Arena has politicos waxing on their day so far and a pretty cool swing state map.
  • RealClearPolitics aggregates election stories and keeps track of polling
  • The TV, anyone watching the TV right now? Please comment below ... (BW made sure there is a TV at The Modern Hotel & Bar, where we will be watching returns tonight.)
Huffington Post has a nice collection of widgets from the major networks: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the Google and the betting houses. Presumably they will update themselves as the polls close from East to West. Check back tonight.

And from the Onion: