Twitter away on Election Day


citydesk will be live all day on Tuesday, following the elections from a local, national and global perspective. We will have a bunch of good tools for you to use soon, but here's one we were just reading about and will definitely check out on Election Day.

Twitter Vote Report will be using the online service Twitter to get information on voting in every state. Voters can easily send messages to the service indicating long lines, anti-democratic practices or other problems at the polls (or, they can send in messages about how smoothly and pleasantly voting is going in their Zip code). It will all be updated real time, as in the map below from Idaho (where there is only one report so far, apparently... they are taking tweets on early voting too, folks).

Check back on Tuesday... we'll update the map for you. And read their site for info on how to use it... If you can't figure it out, post a comment here and we'll pass it on for you. Hey, BW Twitters too...