Obama wins Idaho (in student election)


Sen. Barack Obama has won an early poll in Idaho, a secured, on-line, vote among the state's high school students.

Obama won Idaho's first statewide high school mock election by 105 votes, earning 2,240 votes to Sen. John McCain's 2,135. Ralph Nader polled third followed by the other two candidates on the Idaho ballot, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.

Fifty-four high schools across the state participated in this exercise on Oct. 23 and 24. The results were announced this morning. Some of the students are old enough to vote in the actual election as well.

"This Mock Election has served as an important learning experience for Idaho students," Idaho's Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna, said. "I encourage all students who took part in this event to remember the lessons they have learned about the importance of voting and carry these lessons with them throughout their adult lives."

In a sign that either young voters are willing to vote for the man, not the party or that they just pick the cooler names, Republican Rep. Bill Sali also won the polling by 160 votes, defeating Democrat Walt Minnick. Mike Simpson beat Deborah Holmes 66 to 34 percent in the Second Congressional District and Jim Risch would be Idaho's senator today, if it were up to the state's high school students.

Idaho Students also voted on mock ballot measures, favoring a lower drinking age by a slim margin: 53 to 47 percent, and approving a repeal of Idaho's food tax by 73.5 percent. 

The State Department of Education attempted a similar election two years ago, but the system was hacked and the event canceled. This year the Secretary of State ran the polling and assures BW it was not hacked.