Nader at Boise State


Presidential candidate Ralph Nader told the Boise press yesterday that his 4 percent write-in showing in 2000 in Idaho was unprecedented. But Nader only got 2.5 percent in 2000, which is still a lot of votes ... some 12,000 actually. Maybe that's still unprecedented though for a write-in candidate. Somebody Google that...

Nader, pictured at left with campaign staff, made a stop in Boise yesterday, his 49th state during this campaign season. He heads to Missoula today--Montana will be his 50th. Nader spoke to a standing room-only crowd in the Boise State Special Events Center. The auditorium holds 435 people.

Not bad, until you recall the 14 thousand million people that went to see Barack Obama at Boise State so many months ago.

Nader, who promised citydesk a free copy of his mama's hummus recipe when we spoke to him last week, has yet to deliver. How's he going to deliver on universal medical care and the re-empowerment of farmers, man? 

Nader is taking a harder line against Obama, saying that Obama's turned his back on his race and on poor people and is on the dole of corporations.

And then he said, and we're paraphrasing here, that the first African American president should represent something more than an upward career move.

One witty questioner, perhaps a prof, asked Nader how he's going to spur innovation if he keeps attacking corporations ... perhaps he will throw some dough to the lone inventor, chugging away in his garage, the questioned posited.

Nader, equally witty and verbose, dubbed the poor inventor, Joe the Inventor.