Boise fire marshall heads to Cali


Boise’s fire marshall, Deputy Chief Dave Hanneman is moving back to southern California next month to become a fire chief, after more than 20 years of service in Boise.

“It’s something that I’ve been working on for several years,” Hanneman told citydesk this morning.

The San Diego Union-Tribune announced earlier this week that Hanneman had been offered the job as chief of the Chula Vista Fire Department, and plans to move to San Diego County in mid-November.

Hanneman told BW that he has sought a chief’s job for about seven years, after going back to school for more fire training.

Hanneman started in Boise, first as a volunteer firefighter and was hired by the department in 1988. He worked his way up the ranks to deputy chief in charge of fire prevention and now oversees investigations, code enforcement and several other department functions, including acting as the department spokesman.

Tuscon, Arizona’s fire chief was offered the Chula Vista job first, but declined the offer.

Hanneman is originally from the Inland Empire town of Montclair, about two hours from Chula Vista. He said the city, on the southern outskirts of San Diego, is comprable to Boise in terms of population, but functions as a suburb of San Diego and is much more residential than Boise. The department is also quite a bit smaller, with only nine stations, compared to Boise’s 15.

Hanneman’s appointment is still pending a successful physical exam, he said.