Risch, LaRocco, Rammell battle it out


From BW's Senate race correspondent Lora Volkert:

Last night Jim Risch debated Larry LaRocco and Rex Rammell for the first time of this campaign. You can watch the whole thing on KLEW's Web site. Hey, watch it twice and try BW's post-debate drinking game below...

A few highlights:

-Risch hates the bailout plan. "It didn't provide enough protection for taxpayers, there was not nearly enough reform in the bill to keep this from happening again, there were no provisions to really go and get after the bad guys that caused this, and lastly and to add insult to injury there were billions of dollars of pork hung onto a bill that was incredibly important to the United States of America."

-Drink every time LaRocco says Risch should debate with him more or post position papers on his website.

-LaRocco said he would have voted for the bailout bill because it's about small companies having the capital and credit to buy a truck or inventory, and because the final version had oversight and taxpayer protections.

-LaRocco and Risch both said lax regulation led to the economic meltdown.

-Risch talks about Treasury Secretary Paulson running into a buzz saw and taxpayers wringing the necks of their elected leaders. Risch has deeply disturbed, violent dreams.

-Rammell said overregulation caused the economic disaster. "Did you know that Fannie and Freddie were required by law to give 42% of their loans to low- and moderate- and high-risk individuals.... All I hear now is we need more regulations that's exactly the opposite of what we need. If we truly lived in a free market economy nobody would have made these high-risk loans. Nobody. The banks wouldn't have done it and the people wouldn't have dared do it."

-LaRocco keeps talking about how he's had 35 jobs in 17 months. Do we really want a guy who can't hold down a job for more than a day?

-Rammell, when asked if there are government programs that should be cut, said, "It would be easier to list the programs we should keep." He claims the Department of Education is unconstitutional and should be eliminated.

-Rammell uses a Ouija Board to contact the spirit of John Adams and asks him if he believes in Social Security.

-Risch said he would cut funding for a Father's Day rally committee in Philadelphia, olive fruit fly research in Paris, and SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. "I'd rather wait till they found us."

-Drink every time Rammell says Risch should change parties.

-LaRocco: "I voted to cut $500 billion out of the budget when I was in Congress and you know what we did? We handed Bush a surplus."

-Drink when the tech guy cuts Rammell's microphone.

-LaRocco: "I know a little bit about terrorism. When I was in the Army in 1972 the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Red Army Faction, drove a car bomb next to my unit and blew up my unit in Heidelberg, Germany. I lost three fellow soldiers that night, one of whom had taken my security watch."

-Risch says we're running out of oil and we need to develop alternative energy sources, but meanwhile we need to used compressed natural gas, nuclear energy, wind power, and "drilling our way through this."

-Drink every time Rammell says "green" like it's a swear word.

-LaRocco: "We could create 14,000 new jobs in Idaho just by embracing new types of energy."

-Rammell: "I'm so sick and tired of global warming. If we continue to support this lie that global warming is going to destroy this world, we're going to destroy our economy before it gets a chance."

-There are three candidates on that stage, and no two of them agree on whether Jim Risch believes global warming is man-made.

-Risch accused LaRocco of owning thousands of shares of stock in oil companies.

-LaRocco touted his health care plan, which will involve portable plans that cover pre-existing conditions.

-Risch says we need to reform Social Security, but says he does not believe in privatization and will not vote to cut benefits.

-Finish the bottle anytime Risch or LaRocco take Rammell seriously.