Idaho Paulites withhold six McCain votes


The Idaho delegation to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. cast 26 votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin, with it's six Ron Paul supporters refusing to cast a nominating vote.

Alanna Grimm, one of Idaho's six Paul delegates, told citydesk that Ron Paul was never nominated as a candidate and thus it was not possible to cast a vote for him.

"We were Ron Paul delegates and we just didn’t vote for McCain," Grimm said.

You can watch Lt. Gov. Jim Risch announce 26 of Idaho's 32 votes for McCain in the name of Kristin Armstrong and Sarah Palin on his new blog.

Grimm would not say who she'll vote for in November, but she lauded Palin's breakthrough Wednesday night speech and said the true conservatives in the crowd were pleased: "Conservatism matters," she said.

Several months ago Grimm told us that McCain was not electable, but Palin's nomination has made her rethink that.

Grimm also attended Paul's parallel convention, the Rally for the Republic, while in St. Paul.

While Grimm did not believe it possible to support Paul on the convention floor, The Wall Street Journal blog (oy, they blog too) is reporting that Paul did get 15 votes at the convention, including five from Palin's home state of Alaska. And Romney got two Utah votes.

One component of Grimm's attraction to Palin (McCain) comes from this MTV video in which the AK Gov plugs the one and only, Ron Paul (@ 3:07):