Sarah Palin, paleo-mom


John McCain's pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin gave Idaho Republicans-some of whom are bred from the same cloth (described in this Anchorage Press story as "Christian Republicans of the 'wholesome' variety"-something to cheer, for the first time in this post-primary season.

Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter sent this congratulations:

“I believe that Governor Palin is a great fit for the ticket. I think she brings a lot of balance. I know that everyone knows and understands that she is a westerner. She was born in Sandpoint. She was educated at the University of Idaho. That certainly helps. But in the short time that I have known Governor Palin…she has been very involved in the Western Governor’s Conference, in the National Governor’s Association on primarily education matters, criminal justice, natural resources, and transportation and she has always provided a lot of leadership and a lot of input to the other Governors that I don’t believe that understand as much of the western problems that we have. So I think she is a great fit for the McCain ticket and is going to bring the balance that we need.”
Idaho GOP Chairman Norm Semanko was at U of I the same time as Palin and told the Idaho Statesman: "I don't recall ever having met her, but we'll fix that next week ... We were all pretty excited to go to Minneapolis but we're really, really excited now."

He also called her a "smoother Helen Chenoweth."

And strangely enough, from Democratic candidate Walt Minnick:
"This is an exciting and surprising day for Idaho. Although many of us had expected to see Gov. Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket, I join other Idahoans in offering sincere congratulations to Gov. Sarah Palin, a native daughter and alumnus of one of our state's great universities. Her reputation as a champion of reform and enemy of corruption sends yet another message that people from both parties are ready for change in Washington, D.C."
The Anchorage Press profile is a really good read if you want to get to know Palin a little better.
Another interlocutor wants to know about transportation. “That's a great question,” Palin says, “Thanks for asking it” - and then talks about keeping all the options on the table and getting the best minds involved in the debate and doing what's right for Alaskans, and respecting Alaska's constitution, and the importance of small government and local control, and what an honor it would be to serve her questioner and Alaska
In Idaho that is a common answer to lots of questions too. Constitution, local control, keep options table open small gov....

While none of this indicates that she is prepared to negotiate with Iran or delegate emergency response in flood zones, Palin does have that western wholesomeness that we love, including carrying her babies the right way, efficiently wrapping moose meat and recognizing the important pedagogical values in teenage pregnancy.