Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of LA, broke into Spanish  Wednesday morning, in an enthusiastic speech to the Democratic Party's Hispanic Caucus. His speech followed a talk by Michelle Obama which we tried but failed to record (mike in headphone jack).

Michelle Obama mostly repeated the themes of her big speech from Monday night (how cute Barrack is, etc., etc.) but she did spend some time talking about black-Hispanic solidarity and called for a path to legalization for 12 million undocumented immigrants. My notes are sketchy, because I thought I was recording it.

Villaraigosa called for Latinos to vote, keeping in mind the large number of Latino immigrants who are not able to vote. In other words, to vote Latino interest. A year ago, that could have meant supporting John McCain who was outspoken in support of a moderately progressive immigration reform. 

The immigration discussion has simmered down a bit, but should be a major issue in this election.